Movin’ (317/365)

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We’ve lived in our house for nearly a year and I guess you could say that we wanted to get a feel for the place before we changed anything. I guess you could say that. Or you could just say that we are lazy. Regardless, as part of the slow effort to redecorate our house, we’ve been moving furniture.

We currently own two couches. One of them I’m planning on reupholstering and one of them we’re eventually going to get rid of. Unfortunately the one I want to reupholster is the one in the family room that we sit on when watching TV. The other one is in our front sitting room which I sit on when I’m procrastinating. Tonight we finally decided to switch them. The big couch in the front room wouldn’t fit through the tiny opening to go downstairs so we had to remove the legs so we could squeeze it through the doorway. This is a riveting story, I know.

ANYWAYS…our couches are switch, we rearranged all the furniture and our house looks weird now. Also, I have a new project. 🙂


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