Fun Day (333/365)

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The Jackster


After all of the Thanksgiving hooplah and Black Friday hooplah, it was nice to finally have a day to just relax. We slept in and relaxed in the morning before heading out for a leisurely day.

Fruit and Wine Chocolates

Our first stop was to a craft fair at a local high school up in New Hampshire. Kevin (who officiated our wedding) started a handmade chocolate company last year and today he was at the craft fair selling his chocolates, so we figured we would check it out. His company is called KRM Chocolates and he makes these awesome fruit and wine chocolates, chocolate bark, and dipped cookies. He made a whole bunch of it for our wedding last year and it was great. (Also, it never hurts to personally know a chocolatier.) While we were there we picked up a few boxes to give out as gifts, but you can also order them online and he’ll ship them anywhere for you!


After the craft fair we met my mom for lunch at Papa Ginos. Papa Ginos is a New England pizza chain (and one of the many that I did not realize were New England-only chains) and I love their pizza. We were so hungry by the time we got there they we stuffed ourselves silly with pizza and breadsticks. This seems to be a theme…

While we’ve been up here, I took advantage of the tax-free shopping in New Hampshire and got a new camera! I’ve been saving my pennies for the past year and a half and after extensive research, I finally bit the bullet and have graduated up from my beginner DSLR. I basically have no idea how to use my new camera yet, but we played around with it for a bit before dinner. 

We got together with the Millers for dinner which was enjoyable as always, but before we knew it, it was getting late and it was time to head home because we’re going to try to get a early start on our drive tomorrow. We’re also going to hope it doesn’t take us 14 hours to get home because I don’t think either of us can handle that much time in a car again.



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