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I’ve been taking a class for the past two days in Satellite Communications. Even though I’m a mechanical engineer, the project I’m currently working on has me doing a lot of work with the RF engineers. RF engineering is a subset of electrical engineering. For a spacecraft, they’re the folks or figure out how to get the spacecraft to talk to us on earth. What they do is widely considered magic because no one knows how they heck they do it.

However, since I’ve been sitting in meetings with them as they discuss bandwidth, frequency, gain, loss, calibrations and slowly nodding my head (while slowly nodding off), I decided maybe I should figure out how all these words relate to each other.

The class has been pretty good so far. I’m understanding the concepts and I feel like I have a better grasp on what all those words mean. Also, they give us little bags of popcorn for snack during the class so you know, besides all the learning, it was totally worth it.

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