Taylor Swift and Roller Derby (347/365)

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DC DemonCats and Taylor Swift


This is a cross-section one probably wouldn’t expect. Well, learn to expect the unexpected because it happened. 

Some percentage of my roller derby team has more than a little affection for Taylor Swift. Some percentage of my team as less affection for Taylor Swift, but they are good sports. But those of us who are pro-Taylor are slowly bringing the skeptics to over to our side. 

Anyways…a few weeks ago one of my teammates started throwing out random Taylor Swift lyrics with a few words changed to make them derby applicable. It was pretty amusing and we all got a little kick out of it. We kind of forgot about it for a little while, but this past week as we were preparing for the bout it came up again. And before we knew it, it had become a full-on Taylor Swift invasion. Pow made up twenty or so Taylor Swift-related intros which we all picked from. We temporarily changed our intro song to “Shake It Off”. Instead of doing a speed lap we decided to get down and boogie. We got balloons to hand out to the crowd. It was silly but it was fun. I mean, check it out:

After we had planned all of this, I was driving home on Thursday and I realized that our bout was on Saturday, December 13th…which just so happens to be Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday! (Err…yeah I just happened to know that…what?) So, in addition to our super, awesome, really fun intro we made a Taylor Swift poster with interchangeable inspirational quotes for use during the bout and a “Happy Birthday Taylor” sign so we could tweet her and she would see it and we would all become BFFs with Taylor Swift.

That last thing is still pending.

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