Sunday Night Dinner – Miller Edition

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Sunday Night Dinner - Millers

Andrew was out of town this weekend so I was going to go solo to Sunday Night Dinner with Jen and Evan until I remembered that the Millers are in town! Arthur called me earlier this week to invite me up to their house for dinner tonight so I could get together with everyone and I jumped at the chance.

When Andrew is away, quite frankly I fall into a hermit-like state of being. After leaving dinner with friends on Friday, I realized I hadn’t spoken to a single other person until this morning at derby practice. I spent Friday night and most of the day on Saturday working on my many projects. I actually made good progress which I rewarded on Saturday night by going out and getting a giant burrito. 

So this afternoon after basically interacting with no one, it was a delightful change of pace to head up to Frederick for the evening. Along with my isolation when Andrew is away I also fall into the habit of eating terribly. Combined with having no one to be food accountable with, when I’m working on a project I have a tendency to forget to eat. So my weekend has been fairly sparse of food, but punctuated each day with a gigantic meal when I realize it’s dinner time and all I’ve eaten that day is a hunk of bread.

Katy cooked us a hearty meal, perfect for a gloomy rainy Sunday.

Sunday Night Dinner - Millers

We noshed, we talked, and we all fawned over Little Baby Lucy who is getting cuter and cuter every time I see her.

Sunday Night Dinner - Millers

Also, it was Kevin’s birthday a few days ago. He says hi! And we say Happy Birthday Kevin!

Sunday Night Dinner - Millers

I ended up staying later than I had anticipated, but I was having such a good time I could not pull myself away. I joked that Andrew was going to beat me home (he was coming from Pennsylvania) and when I pulled up to our house, in fact, he beat my home. This meant I missed his reaction to the big reveal of many of my projects, but so far the reception has been positive. Those are for another post…

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