DC Rollergirls Cookies

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DCRG Cookies

This past weekend the DC Rollergirls returned to the DC Armory for our January bout. Bouting at the Armory is awesome. It’s a big venue, we’re allowed to have a bake sale, it’s metro accessible, and it just feels amazing to bout in front of a huge crowd. And there was a huge crowd. At final count, there was somewhere in 1700 range of spectators in the crowd. SWEET!

My team, the DC DemonCats played the first bout against the Cherry Blossom Bombshells. The final score was a rather lopsided 379-30 in our favor. The second bout, the Majority Whips vs. Scare Force was much closer. Scare Force pulled out the win in the last few jams with a score of 162-159. I was on the edge of my seat…it was a great game.

Anyways, back to the cookies. Because we were back at the Armory, we were able to have a bake sale again. I try to make something for the bake sale, but each time it’s different. Since all items are set at a fixed price, I try to make something worth the money. This time it was roller derby cookies. I made sugar cookies for each teams’s jersey, plus jammer stars in their colors.

First, my team, the DC DemonCats.

DC DemonCats

Our opponents, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells.

Cherry Blossom Bombshells

Scare Force One.

Scare Force One

And the Majority Whips.

Majority Whips

I baked the cookies on Wednesday night and decorated them for a few hours on Friday night and part of Saturday morning. I don’t think I quite appreciated just how many different colors were required to make each jersey, so dying all of the royal icing took quite a while. All the decorations were piped on with royal icing, except the cat on the DemonCats jersey which was drawn on with an edible marker.

In the end, the cookies, and all the baked goods were a hit! We sold out of the bake sale shortly into the second bout. That’s what’s happens when 1700 people come to watch some awesome derby! Not sure what I’m going to make for the next bout (probably not these…I think this was a little too time intensive.) Suggestions?

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