Happy Purim!

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Happy Purim

Purim starts tonight!

Are you all getting your costumes ready, getting your drink on, and most importantly, do you have cookies?

I made about four dozen hamantaschen this year for Purim, but as it turns out, don’t really have anyone to give them to. I’ve doled out a few here and there to those who wait patiently for them every year, but for the most part I’ve been slowly and steadily working through them remaining cookies.

This is still my favorite recipe. The dough comes together quickly and it rolls out easily. Most importantly, the hamantaschen don’t puff up and pull themselves apart in the oven. They stay together and as long as the jam doesn’t bubble over the edges, every cookie comes out neat and tidy. The cookies are soft but not doughy with a buttery not too sweet flavor. It pairs perfectly with jam, poppy seed filling (my favorite!), or nutella (probably a lot of other people’s favorite).

Tonight is my fifth year doing the Purim Shpiel at my temple. Our one dress rehearsal got snowed out, so we’re a little bit flying by the seat of our pants this year. However, Andrew is participating for the first time doing stage crew stuff with me and I’m super pumped. It may be a bit bumpy, but it will definitely be entertaining.


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