52 Weeks – Week 15

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Week 15

Matzo brei is a staple of Passover eating. I prefer it savory. I’ve heard people make it sweet and that weirds me out.

Week 15

Did some baking for the bake sale at the bout. One hundred thirty-five raspberry macaroons. That’s a lot of egg whites.

Week 15

Breakfast home fries with leftover potatoes. Also, I’m the master of fluffy eggs.


First post-Passover breakfast. I think I ate two bagels that morning. Yum…carbs…

Week 15

It’s finally warm! Our daffodils are blooming!

Week 15

I went to Boston for work. I also got to see the Jackster.


I want to get Andrew some fashion sneakers. Figured I could get some good deals on New Balance sneakers since they are made in the town I used to live in, but they didn’t have anything that Andrew liked…

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