52 Weeks – Week 37

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We continued our Korean adventure. Ended our day by hiking the fortress is Suwon.

Korea - Day 9

Spent our last full day in Korea visiting North Korea.

Korea - Day 10

Made sure to get in as many Korean snacks before it was time to head back to America.

Korea - Day 11

We went to a wedding 4 hours after we landed back in America. I actually think we look pretty good considering we hadn’t slept in 26 hours.

Week 37

Congrats to Lea and Sumit! What a beautiful view during cocktail hour.

Week 37

This is what happens when you ask Ryan to take a picture for you.

Week 37

And this is what happens when you’ve been awake for nearly 30 hours. Things get weird.

Week 37

And before we knew it, it was Rosh Hashanah. Conveniently I had found a holiday appropriate Korean snack!

Week 37

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