Baby Shower Cookies

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It’s been a very green and pink couple of weeks for me. First I made an adorably-whimsical birthday cake and followed that up with these little baby shower onesie cookies. I’m finally learning to plan ahead a bit so I can afford the time it takes to add many of the little details. I’d like you to please note the buttons. Yes, those are individual sugar crystals that I added with tweezers in place of the stitching. Those were added as the clock was rounding 12:30 AM (apparently my time management skills aren’t that great) and that’s when I stood there, in the middle of my kitchen, tweezers in hand, and thought to myself, “I think you have a problem. This is ridiculous” To which I responded by leaning over, tweezers in hand, and continued adding 8 sugar crystals to each cookie. I think they make them pop a bit more. Totally worth it.

The design of the cookies was based off of the invitations for the baby shower. It was definitely a bit of a challenge translating paper art to cookie art. You’ve got to tiny-ify everything. Challenging, but fun.


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