Guitar Cake

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Sorry about the delay in posting. But now we’re currently buried under like a foot and half of snow and since there’s nowhere to go, might as well finally get off my lazy butt and write this up.

So. Guitar cake. It’s rockin’. For real. This cake plays music. In fact, it plays “Freebird”. Check it out.

I started by baking two 9×13 vanilla cakes. I found a profile of a Gibson Les Paul which I cut out to make a template for the body of the cake. Using that I traced out the right shape.



I had to use some of judgment to get the entire shape correct. I sort of guesstimated on the shape of the head and the length of the neck.


After I cut out the shape, I went about adding the electrical components that make the cake play music. Just like the boxing gloves cake, I used a musical greeting card for the music.


I wired up the musical insert of the card to a switch. This time the switch was embedded in the cake though, so I had to make a little box for it to sit in. I used a straw as a conduit for the wiring.


After I got all of the wiring hooked up, I put on a layer of vanilla buttercreme icing. Then I forgot to continue taking pictures through the rest of the decorating.


I used red fondant to cover the body of the cake and black fondant for the neck. The accents were all done using fondant pieces and the gold parts were painted with an edible gold glaze. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to do the strings, but I ended up using this silver, elastic, thread from the craft store.


The gigantic rocker switch is what makes the music play.


And that’s about it! Easy-peasy…


  1. Hi I am going to be making a Gibson Les Paul cake for a friends birthday but am having trouble finding a template for the shape, can you tell me where you found the one you used and if you changed the size at all? Thanks

  2. Magnifico!
    I’m from Brazil,
    was looking for a template for this type of cake because my boyfriend is a musician, and I love to do something different.
    But you’ve got something even more fabulous, get music the cake. Incredible! = O
    And yet explained how to do, I love people who share knowledge. I was very happy to have found your site through YouTube. =)
    My channel is Sininho0312, and there have videos of my boyfriend’s band, if you want to see. They are very good, really! 😉

  3. Would you mind telling me exactly how you wired that switch up for the music.I have a cake coming up for a cancer patient that really loves music and I would love to include this in his cake.Thanks so much

    1. Author

      It depends on the type of switch you end up buying, but basically, take the music player from the greeting card and make sure you know how it works. Usually there’s a small metal tab that is separated from a metal pad by some paper when the card is closed. When you open the card, the paper gets pulled and the two metal pieces touch.

      Bend the metal tab so that it does not touch. Then, using two wires, solder one wire to the metal pad and solder the other wire to the tab. I usually put some tape in between them so they don’t accidentally touch and close the circuit (and play music).

      Then the other two wires have to be soldered to the terminals on the switch. Again, which one will depend on the switch. You can figure it out by touching the ends of the wires and turning the switch on and off. When the music plays, you have it wired up correctly.

      That’s pretty much the whole deal. Hope it helps.

  4. this is amazing
    i’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the goodies i make for people for valentine’s day should probably be heart shaped
    now i feel like they should also sing a love song 🙂

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