50th Anniversary Cake

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Cake. I suppose this website is called Simmiecakes. Because I make those from time to time. Admittedly, it’s been a while, but this past weekend I had a real reason to put my skillz (yes, my madd skillz) to use.

My cube neighbor, Jeff, threw a big ol’ shindig for his parents’ 50th anniversary this past weekend. 50 years is nothing to shake a stick at, so when I was asked to make the cake for the party, I was nervous. This is definitely the classiest cake I’ve ever made and with a 50 year marriage behind it, I didn’t want to screw it up.

I actually learned a lot making this cake. Such as:

  1. My oven can indeed fit two 14″ cakes and two 6″ cakes at one time.
  2. Trying to make an evenly spaced and neat criss-cross pattern is nearly impossible to do on a round surface when only armed with a ruler.
  3. Using a pattern mat to made said pattern is a lot easier.
  4. Fondant must still be soft to push that pattern into the cake. Leaving the cake overnight and then trying to push the pattern into the fondant leads to cracking fondant.
  5. Foam cake dummies are hard to ice because they are very light.
  6. I am actually capable of cleaning covering three cakes in fondant if I have enough patience.
  7. Piping things is most certainly easier than trying to cut something out of fondant freehand.
  8. Using real flowers on a cake is fun.

This cake was actually a pretty fun cake to make. Reminds me how much I like decorating cakes. Anyone have a special occasion coming up that they need a tasty dessert for?


  1. Oooooo it’s so pretty and classy!
    Do I really need an occasion to get an awesome cake? Well, I guess the 7 fish dinner is approaching… 😉

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