Party Time! (266/366)

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So I know you were all sick with anticipation and  worry – but yes, we had enough food.

The party was a rousing success! It was sort of a random, middle-of-the-day shindig, but it all came together. A whole bunch of our friends and families came together to stand around, eat some good food, and have some good conversation. People even coordinated their outfits! Go Rob and Sarah!

After the party, a bunch of us went to watch Andrew play hockey. His team kind of got the shaft this week, but it was still a good time. MC and I had some fun with the photo ops at the rink before the game.

Hey Slapshot!


Yeah, I look legit

It’s been a good day. Tomorrow is for relaxing and working on my mystery project. Hehe.



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  2. So I already finished the leftovers. Yesterday I finished most of them as a second dinner and today I finished the last of the chili. Yummy 🙂

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