Rainbow Cupcakes (308/366)

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Rainbow Cupcakes


The cupcakes from a few days ago? Here they are! Tada!

At temple we had a rainbow themed oneg (meal after services), so naturally, I made rainbow themed cupcakes. If you search “rainbow cupcakes” online, this is basically the picture you are going to get. Either a cupcake with a rainbow on top, or a cupcake that is made up of rainbow batter. So I made them both. After some thorough internet searching I was able to find the Airhead Xtremes (available at your local Walgreens) to make top off the cupcakes. It was really a pretty simple process to decorate them, but they were a big hit! Plus, they’re just so gosh darn happy looking.

Inside Fun

Also, thank goodness for daylight savings. Goodnight!


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