Missed Opportunities (329/366)

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Color Blocks


Today we did a number of picture-worthy things and I managed to take a photo of…none of them.

This morning we got up and went on a wild goose chase around Haverhill trying to get rid of a battery. We visited the dump, we visited the salvage yard…and we’re still driving around with a battery in back of my car. Oh well.

After our failed attempt we went to services at the temple I grew up going to. This was Andrew’s first time going to services at somewhere other than our temple in Maryland. It’s a lot different. I felt like he really got to appreciate the differences in the wording, the feel, and the size. I think it was a little eye-opening for him.

We then went back to the Millers and had second Thanksgiving (told you it was coming). It was pretty much just as good as the first time around. It’s always a great time over there. We had to tear ourselves away.

Continuing our trip all over Massachusetts, we went down south to visit my friend Andrea. We hadn’t seen her since her wedding last year and it was really great to get to catch up. Her and her husband bought a house last year and we wanted to check it out. Their house is amazing! I love it! It’s a bit old but it has a lot of great character. Andrew and I left their place talking about how we’d love to have a house like that.

We then got home and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of anything. Which is why you get a picture of my bedroom. Yes, that’s the wall in my room. When we moved here seven years ago it was the first time in a long while that I was given free reign to paint my room. The first time was when I was about six or seven and I ended up with a highway-sign-green room. Let’s just say I’m not afraid of color. So when my mom told me I could paint my room however I want…I don’t think this is what she was expecting. I think it’s a pretty accurate representation of my general personality though. What do you think?

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