Fun Shoe Friday!

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Fun Shoe Friday!


Why yes, those are gorilla feet.

You may be asking, “Simmie, why do you have gorilla feet?”

That’s a valid question. I am wearing gorilla feet because I am the mascot for Andrew’s hockey team. What, I didn’t mention that before? Oh, I did. Anyways, this past Saturday was their last game of the spring/summer season. Not only did Andrew score a goal during the game, but his team also won! Way to cap off his first year of playing hockey!

Here are you weekly links:

– I don’t actually like coffee. I’ve never had a cup, but it’s interesting to see how much caffeine is in a cup. Starbucks sure is giving you the most bang for your buck.

– Do you have a Kindle? I do. And I always like to browse through the free books to see if I can find anything good. Turns out someone did the dirty work for us.

– I’m sure in a month, I’m going to hate that Robin Thick song, but for now, it’s so darn catchy and even more charming when sung by Jimmy Fallon and the Roots.

– I’m pretty sure I did that tumbling move as a small child during gymnastics practice.

– This is probably the closest I’m ever going to get to defying gravity.

– We’re  not sure if this is real. But if Prince really has both kimchi and challah in his fridge

– As someone who spent the last three years doing taekwondo, I’m just embarrassed for this guy.

World in 2000 as Predicted in 1910. Apparently audiobooks were going to be made by grinding up paper books.

The thief is documenting some weird stuff with his stolen phone.

You’re welcome.

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