Super Hero Cake

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Super Hero Cake


This weekend I made a birthday cake for an adorable 6-year old. This is actually the fourth birthday cake I’ve made him. For his second birthday I made him a boxing gloves cake. For his fourth birthday, it was a Lightning McQueen cake. Last year I made him a Mario cake

For his cake this year, we tried to incorporate a whole bunch of superheroes. Yeah, we’re mixing Marvel and DC Comics, but hey, what can you say? (Also, I can’t believe I knew that.) I managed to squeeze in Spiderman, Batman, Superman (Super Q here) and Captain America.

It actually wasn’t too complicated to make. I decorated most of the cake on Saturday morning before heading off to volunteer at a roller derby bout and put the finishing touches on it Saturday night. We dropped the cake off Sunday morning after seeing a man riding an old-timey bike on the road outside our house (complete with bike shorts, a tech-T, and a bicycle helmet) and then getting caught up in the midst of a triathlon. It was an eventful morning.

It’s fun to have a reason to make fancy cakes again!





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