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Post Baltimore Half Marathon(Melissa and I after the Baltimore Half-Marathon. We look happy, but our legs are about to collapse out from underneath us. Also, I don’t have a picture of me running because I generally look like I’m one step from death.)

I’m running. I mean, I run in general, but I generally need a reason to run. So I’m running the Baltimore 10-Miler on June 20th. It’s, you guessed it! 10 miles. In Baltimore.  We’re sharp as tacks over here.

But, I’m also running for a cause.  It’s called Back on My Feet. It’s this pretty cool organization which uses running as a format to help motivate the homeless to become self-sufficient. It started in Philadelphia and a new chapter opened in Baltimore recently. I actually read about it recently in Runner’s World magazine (thanks to the Jackster for the subscription!), so it was cool to see that they were participating in the 10-miler. Read the article here.

I’m trying to raise at least $250. That’s just 10 people donating $25. Or 25 people donating $10. Or 50 people donating $5 (I’m an engineer…good at the math).

BUT, just to add some more incentive (besides the warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart from doing something good), if you donate at least $10, I’ll bake you some cookies! (Oh, and I’ll even send them to you. ) You’ll get a dozen scrumptious cookies homemade by me. (If you donate more than $10, well, I might just send you more than 12 cookies.)  From my kitchen to your belly. (Also, isn’t that why we run? So we can eat more cookies?)

Cookie Cutter

You can donate with a credit card through the website:

Donate Here

Or you can mail me, hand me, or send by carrier pigeon to me your donation.  After you donate, send me an email so I know where to send the cookies to.

My email is:


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