Tiki Party Cookies

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This post is about my dentist. Yeah, I know the title says “Tiki Party Cookies”, but really, it’s about my dentist.

I have a love/hate relationship with my dentist.

I dread going to the dentist. On the way there, I get that nervous, butterflies in your stomach feeling, along with a small side of dread. I’m not afraid it’s going to hurt (although the gritty toothpaste always weirds me out), or dislike the sound of the drill. But, I always feel a bit like a failure when I go to the dentist. I’m that kid that always listens to what the teacher says, always does her homework, and never gets in trouble. Except at the dentist. I never floss enough, which leads to cavities. And cavities you can’t undo. It’s a permanent mistake. A forever reminder of when I broke the rules.


But I love my dentist. The guy is great. He’s super nice and always remembers me. His wife and his daughter work at his practice, and the hygienists and staff are awesome. If I look past the inevitable flossing lecture, it’s usually a very pleasant experience.


Which is why when I was asked to make some tiki-themed cookies last time I was at the dentist, I wholeheartedly agreed. So, palm trees and tiki masks it is. I honestly had no idea what a tiki mask really looked like, so I based my design on a picture of a tiki mask balloon I found online. I think they came out pretty cute. What do you think?


Now I’m dreaming of tropical destinations, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and watching beautiful sunsets with a strawberry daquiri in my hand. I’m ready for my tropical vacation.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to pack some floss.


  1. Simmie! These cookies were tikinfantastic! So cute and colorful. And they tasted good too! A great compliment to my Tiki Party Theme.

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