Hadi Says Yes!

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You’re probably wondering who Hadi is. And why he says “Yes!”

Hadi is one of my coworkers. And the other day was his birthday. And I don’t know why he says “Yes!”, but most of the time “Yes!” is a pretty good answer. Unless the question is, “May I please leave you in the middle of the ocean holding onto a small piece of drift wood with your feet dangling in the water, just waiting to be eaten by a giant fish?”

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyways…as you may (hopefully!) have figured out from the picture, Hadi likes soccer. Hadi also used to do taekwondo. I currently do taekwondo. This led to some bonding over taekwondo. And a small sorta Hadi-like figure in a taekwondo outfit. Also, this might be the most times the word “taekwondo” has been used in a non-taekwondo related website.

Also, my computer’s suggested spelling correction for “taekwondo” is “Wonderbra”. I think we can leave it at that.


Wow, this post diverged. Sorry about that Hadi! Happy Birthday!


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