Bagel and Lox Cake

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Haha, oh right, I make cakes. Seems like I forgot about that. And in a sense, cake making has not been at the top of my list of priorities right now. Between the moving and the traveling and the nursing of knee-surgery patient, I haven’t been doing a lot of baking. But I did make this cake a few weeks ago for the Oneg at my temple.

What’s an Oneg? At my temple, Oneg is really awesome lunch immediately following services. It’s a chance to get together with other members of the congregation and schmooze over a good meal. The meal is provided by the community. We all take turns bringing food and sharing it with others. So, I decided to share what I like best. Cake.

And since this is a Jewish meal, what better than some bagel and lox? I’ve actually made this cake before, but this time I super-sized it for 50 people. It’s just a basic cake with buttercream “cream cheese” and fondant “lox”. It’s a quick and easy cake to make, but I think kind of clever!


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  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t eat lox and bagels, but this cake would be an exception 🙂
    Unfortunately, my dad and Melissa went to have lox and bagels the other day, but forgot the bagels and cream cheese. Maybe I’ll post a picture of your cake to the fridge so that they can remember what ingredients are necessary…

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