Happy Passover! And cookies. Always cookies. (macaroons no less). (97/366)

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Raspberry Macaroons


You probably wouldn’t expect me to start off a post about Passover with a picture of cookies. But I’m a rebel like that. And these cookies are so pretty!

For the past few years I’ve been making macaroons to supplement the meringues for Passover baking. As a rule, I hate coconut, so homemade macaroons are generally for the benefit of others (Andrew). This year as I was browsing the internets, I came across these beauties. They looked like a nice change of pace and were intriguing, so this afternoon I whipped up a batch.


Raspberries give these cookies their pinkish, purplish hue, and add a totally unexpected (ok, not that unexpected given that these cookies are purple) flavor. They are seriously less coconutty than your average macaroon and Andrew has declared that he loves them.

Up Close and Personal

The recipe can be found over at smitten kitchen and hers are a bit more beautiful given that she had a cookie scoop and I had…a spoon and my finger. The coconut is ground up to give it more of a pasty texture than the normal stringiness one expects from shredded coconut. The raspberry flavor is not subtle, but not overbearing. These cookies are also not overly sweet.

I might be done with baking for this holiday. Not sure what other food concoctions I can come up with this week. But we’ll be heavy on the matzo and light on the cake.

Happy Passover!

Seder Plate

…Yeah, I rock the $5 (seriously, the sticker says $4.99), Target, children’s Seder plate. It’s so whimsical!


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  2. Hi Simmie!

    I’m a friend of Jen T’s from NGC…met you at her little guy’s b-day party–remember the cake smashing out on the back deck? 🙂 I love your blog, and I just tried the Hasselback potatoes last night. Mine were not as pretty as Andrew’s (nor did I have any pesto), but they were still quite tasty! The raspberry macaroons look so pretty–they remind me of sherbet ice cream! Happy Passover!

    1. Author

      Haha, oh geez. The infamous cake incident.

      Those potatoes are great! The pesto is definitely worth the effort and I don’t think it’s too hard (as long as you have a food processor).

      I strongly dislike coconut, but these were a nice twist on an old standby. Happy cooking!

    1. Author

      Brisket was awesome as usual.

      The macaroons were decent. Not too coconutty. Andrew loved them. I did not despise them despite for hatred of all things coconut. So I guess that means they are good. The raspberry definitely helped!

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