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I write this as Andrew collapses in bed with a sore butt and a tired brain.

I dragged Andrew out of bed this morning to have a go at yoga. It was his first time doing it and we learned that he has extremely flexible hips. The poses that kill us all each week were no problem for him. He claims it’s the hockey. I claim…yeah, it’s probably the hockey. Overall, Andrew’s first yoga experience was a positive one. Yoga to me is one of those workouts that sneaks up on you. On the surface it doesn’t seem that hard until you’re sitting there panting and your legs feel like jelly.

Steak Sandwich
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
After morning yoga we headed out to lunch at a place called Fishlips which is near the port where all the cruise ships leave from. We were there a bit early to wave any ships off on their journey, but it was still nice to eat by the water. We broke with tradition and Andrew got a suitably manly meal when he got a steak sandwich. Which was sort of hilarious, because instead of sliced steak, it was literally a steak on bread.


I think he liked it.

Atlas V Launch Pad

Afterwards, we drove up to Kennedy Space Center to take a tour of the visitor’s complex. We’re now proud annual pass holders of KSC. I plan on visiting weekly (probably not). It was really cool though. We started off by taking a bus tour which took on base to get a closer look at a bunch of stuff. We saw the Vehicle Assembly Building where they put together the Saturn V rockets and the Space Shuttle. We got to see a bunch of the launch pads too, including the Atlas V launch pad where RBSP will be launched off of in a couple of months.

The tour then took us to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where we got to see an actual Saturn V rocket (holy jeez that thing is huge), touch a moon rock (!), and watch some pretty cool videos about moon missions. That stop was super cool and I would recommend going to KSC just for that stop if you’re in the area.

He could totally be an astronaut

Finally, we returned to the main complex and got to go on a Shuttle Launch Simulator ride which turned out to be a lot cooler than I was expecting. By then time was short so we strolled through the Rocket Garden (which is the lead picture), before heading out for some dinner.

It was an unexpectedly full day, but tomorrow is going to be even better! I’m so excited!!

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