What A Great Day! (153/366)

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Twenty-eight things that happened today.

RBSP Cake!(154/366)

Andrew is here!

1. Andrew is here! I picked him up late last night and we got back to my condo just after midnight.

2. We slept until 8 AM.

3. We stayed in bed until 10 AM.

4. We went to Java and Juice for breakfast.

5. I got an amazing chocolate strawberry smoothie.

6. I got a bialy with tomato andĀ avocado but forgot to ask for cream cheese. That made it less good.

7. Andrew wolfed down a breakfast burrito.

8. We talked to the caterer! Things are looking promising.

9. We’re thisclose to get a block of hotels reserved! Things go so smoothly when Andrew is here to talk to everyone.

10. We got ready to go to the beach.

11. We stepped out the door, ready to go the beach and it literally started raining.

12. We retreated back inside for some leisure time.

13. Andrew read his book while I fell asleep.

14. I worked on my new puzzle while Andrew fell asleep.

15. We maintained that we are party animals.

16. We got out of the house and went out to dinner.

17. We ate a place called The Fat Snook. They had an ambitious menu.

18. I got lamb, Andrew got tuna. It was ok.

19. I drank a glass of wine.

20. My face turned so red.

21. My work had a birthday party for me.

Cake Surprise!22. We got there an hour and half late because I forgot what time it started.

23. I was surprised and touched by how many people showed up to the party.

Cake Makers
24. Andrew met many of my coworkers. I think he may just be more confused now when I tell him stories about work.

25. The conversation at the party was…intriguing. Humorous too.

Another Angle

26. They made me an awesome RBSP cake.

27. We made many nerdy jokes about the cake.

28. I had an amazing birthday!

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes, messages, phone calls, and emails! Today was wonderful!!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Happy, happy wonderful birthday to you!!

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