The Handstands Continue (210/366)

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Melissa finally made it! After her flight getting canceled in the middle of the night she arrived back at the airport this morning, only to have her flight delayed again for three hours. Then it was undelayed and then delayed again. Finally, around 4 PM this afternoon, we picked Melissa up from the airport! For someone who arrived 18 hours after she planned and had spent over half a day in the airport, she was surprisingly chipper.

We spent the morning scoping out bridesmaids dresses and have some good leads. Apparently I’m not particularly helpful when it comes to giving guidance for what to wear at our wedding. Tomorrow we’ll look some more and hopefully have something to show for it.

After getting Melissa we headed back out to the beach and Melissa and I continued our tradition of doing handstands all over the place. We’ve done them in Denmark, in front of Mount Rushmore, on The Mall in DC…I think we figured out between the two of us, we’ve done handstands in at least five different countries. I hope when we’re really old we’re still doing feeble handstands.

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