Grilled Pizza (211/366)

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Cheesy Pizza


It was another fun day with Melissa, Elise, Jen R, and Jen M. We got up pretty early, had some good breakfast, and hit the beach.

Heading out to surf

I tried some surfing (and was semi-successful) and we all did some bodyboarding. I have to admit, the beach here is pretty nice and it’s a lot more fun when you’re surrounded by your best friends.

For lunch we grilled pizza. Have you ever made grilled pizza before? It’s awesome! It was a total team effort. Elise told us what to do, Melissa rolled out the dough, Jen R prepared the toppings, I grilled the pizza, and Jen M cut and served it making the most out of the makeshift knife situation here. Grilling pizza is surprisingly easy. After rolling out the dough, we drizzled it with a little olive oil and plopped it on the grill. We covered it up for 3 or 4 minutes and let it cook. When we opened it up again, the dough was bubbly on top, but browned on the bottom. We were able to flip it over, cover it was sauce, cheese, and veggies and cover the grill again. After another 3 to 4 minutes, it was ready to eat. It was a bit charred on the bottom, but crispy and chewy and my new favorite way to make pizza.

Grilled Pizza

I mean, look at that? It’s amazing.

After lunch we all packed into the car and headed to Orlando for some more dress shopping. Apparently that store is a lucky charm, because we found bridesmaids dresses! Together we picked a style (ok, they picked a style) and a color (clover green it is!) and put in an order. Phew! Nice to have something else to cross off the list.

The Jens had to go back home this evening which was quite the bummer. After dropping them off at the airport, Melissa, Elise, and I grilled some chicken, ate a deliciousĀ MediterraneanĀ salad (that I might have photographed but Melissa and I collectively threw it across the kitchen), and watched a lot of gymnastics. These have been some up-and-down Olympics so far and I’m not sure Melissa’s heart and blood pressure are going to be able to make it for 15 more days.

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