Olympic Champions!! (213/366)

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I have to admit, I was watching the live stream out of the corner of my eye during the day today. It’s pretty much impossible to be surprised by the results of the competitions shown during primetime if you look at any news source during the day.

Even though I knew the results, it was nerve wracking to watch the women’s team competition tonight. But I have to say, in the short time since I figured out who all of these girls are (but have yet to figure out the scoring), I was SO excited to see them win.

Then I watched the followup interviews when they all talked about how most of them weren’t even born when the Magnificent 7 won gold in 1996. I think that was the one that I remember best. I kind of remember the 1992 Olympics, but it was during the 1996 ones that I stayed up late, remote in hand, recording each routine on our VCR. I was crushed because I fell asleep and missed Amy Chow’s silver medal winning bar routine. Their earliest memories were of the 2004 Athens Olympics when Carly Patterson won gold in the all-around. That’s when I felt really old.

Korean Food


While screaming at the TV and simultaneously giving live commentary via text, I cooked up some easy Korean food for dinner. Apparently have Jen R, Jen M, Melissa, and Elise in town inspired me to cook instead of just eating chips and salsa for dinner. All was well and fine until I tried to grill small pieces of meat and they fell through the grate. Whoops.

Ok, now I’m in a state of euphoria that’s about to turn into a state of insomnia (who am I kidding? I’ll be asleep 35 seconds after I publish this).

Go USA!!!

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