Four Years (358/366)

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Four Years


Every year on December 23rd, Andrew and I head to the Washington DC Mormon temple to check out the Christmas lights. Four years ago we met up there and ended up having a great (albeit unusual) first date. It’s not everyday a Jewish girl can suggest going to see a massive Christmas light display at the house of worship for a large and semi-controversial religious sect, AND find a guy to agree.

By the time we actually met up at the Mormon temple, we had been emailing and talking for weeks. Through the magic that is gmail, we now have basically the entirety of our relationship archived on the google servers. It’s pretty hilarious looking back at our old emails and what we wrote as we were just getting to know each other. It’s also a pretty awesome way to see just how far we’ve come in our relationship. Besides you know, that whole getting married thing, we’ve grown a lot as people and as a couple. I still remember that day four years ago vividly because it was the beginning of one ridiculous, crazy, awesome adventure. One that has a lot more ridiculous, crazy, awesome years to go.

Mormon Temple


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