Merry Christmas Eve! (359/366)

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Or is it Happy Christmas Eve?

Regardless, hope everyone had a fun day!

Andrew and I were up early and headed to the rock gym. His brother and his brother’s girlfriend came along too and we had a marathon rock climbing session this morning. We were there for nearly four hours and it was awesome.

After our extended climbing session we came home and ate and extended sandwich. We may have taken an entire French baguette and made one enormous sandwich. And the we may have cut it in half and served a half to each of us. And one of us may have eaten his entire half. But that’s all just speculation.

Baking Preps

After our extended sandwich eating, I went on an extended baking spree (again). I started by making peanut butter blossoms, followed it up with some chewy sugar cookies, some peanut butters balls, and a topped it off with some lemon bars and lime bars. I hope to have photographs soon.

I also ran out of sugar. For shame!

Also, this is the final week of the 365 Project. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already!

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