Probably Not Our Wedding Cake

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Oh hi! Remember me? How’ve you been? Enjoying the nice weather? Doing anything exciting?

Me? I’ve been busy. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve been up to, but I’m sure it involves our wedding. I’ve been designing menus, programs, place cards, our ketubah (typing in Hebrew is hard). I’ve been sewing up a storm for our chuppah, and trying to figure out our wedding cake.

Let’s talk about that cake.

I had a brilliant plan to make a cake I found online. It was simple, it was different, and when I made it – it was a disaster. This is probably because I finally started fiddling with the design at 2 AM and didn’t actually have the right shaped cookie cutters to do what I wanted. Preparation is everything.

I ended up scraping off the entire design, flipping the cake around and starting over. Bleary-eyed, this is what I came up with. There’s a lot I don’t like about this cake, but I won’t go into the drudgery here. One change I know I’m going to make is that I’m going to make a round cake. I’m not sure what exactly I don’t like about this cake, except that my reaction is basically “meh”.

The flavors have been decided though. I’m pretty excited about those. Blueberry cake, coconut lime cake…plus a few more. It’s going to tasty at least!

But for the design, it’s back to the drawing board. Any suggestions?


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