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Andrew was out of town all weekend so I had big plans for the past few days. Of course, the best laid plans basically never work out, but it was a fairly successful weekend all the same. After meeting some friends for dinner on Friday, I stayed up way to late working on my trial wedding cake. Somehow I still managed to get up and go to temple on Saturday morning.

I think I’ve written about my temple before. It’s a pretty special place. It’s a lot different from the temple I grew up in, but as soon as I walked through the door, it felt like home. The first few times I went there were for high holidays and Purim shpiels with friends. Eventually I managed to muster up the courage to go alone (also my friends moved away) and was immediately welcomed. People moved over so I could sit next to them at services, I was invited over for Shabbat dinners, and before I knew it I had a whole community of aunties and uncles (as they like to call themselves) looking out for me.

After services on Saturday, they had a gathering of all the members who had joined the congregation in the past few years. As we sat in a circle, there were some faces I knew and some I didn’t. Each one of had a chance to talk about what brought us to there, what we were currently doing, and what we hoped to do in the future. Our answers very as varied as the faces in the room. But one thing that was common amongst everyone was the great sense of community. People always as me why I joined a temple. There aren’t very many 25 year-olds who make the commitment to pay dues or regularly participate at a temple without an impending marriage or kids on the horizon. But I couldn’t help it. I literally grew up at the temple in my hometown. I went to Jewish day school there and religious school. (My mom was a teacher at religious school. Fun fact: I used to teach my mother the Hebrew lesson before class on Sundays which she would then teach us two hours later.) I would freely roam the hall of the building and explored all the hidden passages. Everyone knew my name. It was my home away from home.

So when moved to Maryland, I wanted that again. Stumbling on this community was the one of the luckiest things that has happened to me. I’ve met a tremendous group of people who have so much to share. The best way I’ve gotten to know people is by participating in our annual Purim Shpiel. I instantly had 60 new friends. This year, instead of shpiel, we’re putting on a production for our 25th Anniversary. I’ve been in rehearsals for the last two and half months and this Sunday was our first full dress rehearsal.

I had spent the first three hours of rehearsal juggling microphones, making set changes, and scrambing to figure out how this show was going run. So when we finally had a break between run-throughs, I was getting ready to catch my breath when this happened (lyrics below):

Or from my perspective:

Have I mentioned how amazing these people are?


TUNE: Pinball Wizard from the rock opera TOMMY by The WHO

Ever since she was a young gal
She helped us on the shpiel
From taking notes for Karen
To websites with appeal
We ain’t seen nothing like her
She always looks so chill
-That gymnast and cake-maker
Head’s off to chuppah-ville

She moves like she’s a black belt
Helps us with the props
Slinks across the Bimah
Never see her plotz
Always has a smile
Gives it all she gots
-That gymnast and cake-maker
She’s why all our shows rock!

She’s a rocket wizard
who Andrew will wed
A baking wizard
Our love is so widespread

Where does she find the time?
I don’t know!
How does it all get done?

Simmie’s got a day job
That keeps us safe from foes
She works out in the evenings
A champ at Tai Kwon Doe
Then she becomes our film crew
And a tech monster too
We love her for this skill set
And kvell cause she’s a Jew.

She’s a rocket wizard
who Andrew will wed
A baking wizard
Our love is so widespread!

Andrew keeps the house straight
And Simmie keeps it clean
We know that he loves hockey
But we don’t think he’s mean!
With marriage just before them
We wish them well and all
And hope that with our mozel
Those two will have a ball!


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