Comically Large Ice Cream Sandwich

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It was Andrew’s birthday this past Saturday. Happy Birthday Andrew!

Since he finally got a cake, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year and he requested a giant cookie cake. You know, the kind you get in the mall at that cookie stand in the food court?

A giant cookie cake is actually pretty easy to make. Make up a batch of your favorite cookie dough (I used chocolate chip), and instead of making individually size cookies, press a huge amount of batter into a pizza pan. Bake for 18ish minutes and there you have it!

But, I couldn’t stop at just a giant cookie cake, so somehow I decided to make him some ice cream. And if I was going to make him ice cream, might as well sandwich it between TWO giant cookies. And the comically large ice cream sandwich was born.


Andrew loves blueberries so I made him vanilla ice cream with a blueberry compote swirl.

Except, I didn’t make a large enough batch and I sort of ran out of ice cream before I was finished. Luckily we never have fewer than three different flavors of ice cream in our freezer (I’m not kidding. As I was making this we had blueberry swirl, chocolate/vanilla, moose tracks, and mint chocolate chip), so I was able to finish it off with some chocolate and vanilla ice cream in the center.

Plop the second cookie on top and we’re good to go! I think Andrew liked it.





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