The Last Four Pictures

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So I was scrolling through the photo gallery on my phone and these are the last four pictures I have taken. It turns out I’m a terrible photographer when it comes to using the camera on my phone. Or I only like to take pictures when it’s really dim while wildly gesticulating, judging by how blurry some of these pictures are.

In other news, Andrew and I went back to the sushi restaurant we went to four days ago and they already remember us. Or at least my drink order. (They remembered I ordered Sprite. But they have not yet figured out who Simmie is, if the placement of the check after we pay by credit card is any indication.)



We got a package from Tiffany’s! Right after I said that people don’t really send you gifts months after your wedding, this showed up on our doorstep. So now I feel like a jerk. Also, it seems as though our neighborhood package thief was off-duty which was lucky for us.



Liz is supposed to be the Director of Marketing for this blog (I’m not sure what responsibilities that entails) and five months in, she earned her first dollar! At the cafeteria at work, that means she can get 2/3 of a bottle of coke, 1/4 of a container of grapes and cheese, or a half a slice of pizza. She’s living large.



I made a triple batch of scallion pancakes. I fried up 1/3 of the batch and the rest I wrapped in wax paper and stuck in the freezer for future scallion pancake cravings. 



I had to cut out many many bones for those cupcakes I made the other day. Cutting through fondant with a cookie cutter is very satisfying.



Yes, this is picture #5, and no, I did not take it with my camera on my phone. It’s a picture of the unfinished peach cobbler I made, which was warm and delicious and then I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. So picture this, but more brown and and toasty looking.

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