Fun Shoe Friday!

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Fun Shoe Friday!


This time with friends! We were rock climbing champions this week.

– I’ve heard Gravity is really good, but it doesn’t mean this isn’t funny.

Carl Warner’s Foodscapes have totally been in magazine advertisements and they totally freak me out.

– There’s been a lot of hooplah about the Washington Redskins and their name this year. Good to see they’re doing something about it.

Number 20 is for Andrew. Although, I don’t know about it being finally. I think he’s appreciated them all along.

– Hey look, we DIY’ed our wedding and someone put it on the internet. I’m a little bummed they didn’t mention I made our wedding cake.

– Yumm…a quadrillion Sour Patch Kids

– Have you seen the video of the telekinetic girl?

– I’ve always thought dessert was art. Now art is dessert.


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