Fun Shoe Friday!

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Fun Shoe Friday!

Going old school this week…I think these might be the original fun shoes.

– Hahahaha…puns are funny.

– Why do panda cubs sound like that? It’s awesomely adorable.

– How do people come up with stuff like this? Makes me appreciate all the work that goes into framing a picture.

I want to go find a Korean dog and try to talk to it now.

– I want to see behind the scenes pictures of every artist making everything.

This list gets extra judgey at the end, but I have to agree that Cincinnati chili is pretty gross.

– Watch this video and be surprised by the illusions.

– Can someone make me this?  

– I think this every single time I have to drive somewhere in MD.

– I maybe look like some of these pictures when I sleep. Maybe.

– If this ever exists in real life I might have to get it for Andrew. Because the dude does not like butter (what??) so he puts oil on his toast.


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