Sunday Dinner – Squash Soup

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Sunday Dinne

Our friends Jen and Evan moved back to DC this past summer after spending two years in New York. We got to visit them up in Brooklyn while they were gone, but it’s good to have them back.

Jen and Evan met on the same night that Andrew and I met and since then we’ve become a tight little group. A little while ago we instituted a regular Sunday night dinner together so we could be sure to stay caught up in between work and not-work and all those little things that make up life and manage to make your time slip away from you.

We alternate who cooks dinner every week and this week it was our turn. Andrew (again) cooked an awesome meal for us. We started off with a delicious squash soup. Andrew has a squash soup reputation that he has built up over the years and had to maintain, and I have to admit, he did not disappoint. It was smooth and creamy and full off delicious, warm, fall flavors.

Sunday Dinne

He also brined pork chops (my first ever pork chop experience) which he braised in the oven and made a pear, walnut, and blue cheese salad. We served it all with some fresh bread. For dessert I made a heaping batch of apple crisp. Our entire kitchen was warm and comforting as we sat down to eat.

With good food, good company, and great conversation, the evening flew by. Andrew definitely stepped dinner up a notch this week. Jen and Evan were already planning their menu for next weekend’s Sunday dinner. I can’t wait.

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  1. I was about to leave a comment challenging Andrew to a squash soup cook-off but then I saw the recipe and decided his is definitely way better than mine.

    1. Challenge accepted! I’m basically willing to take any excuse to eat a bunch of squash soup.

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