Ski Cake (4/365)

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Ski Cake



I was asked at the last minute to make a 60th birthday cake this week. Apparently the birthday girl is an avid skier, so we settled on a snowy themed cake. 

The cake itself is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This is only my second foray into making carrot cakes. The first time involved a massive cake overflow and me scraping charred bits of cake off the bottom of my oven while the cake was still baking. It was not pretty. This time was much more successful and smelled delicious as it was baking.

The skis, sign, and numbers are all made of gumpaste and the tree is just a giant blob of fondant that I snipped with scissors to make the leaves. 

It was a timely cake to make as we got some actual snow the other day. Not as much as up in the northeast, but for Maryland it’s enough. Enough to have a snowball fight and to go sledding. If it weren’t for the frigid temperatures, I totally would have gone out to enjoy the winter wonderland, but Maryland has made me a cold wimp. 

I’ll be under the blankets, drinking cocoa for now.

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