The Darster’s Meatballs (3/365)

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The Darster's Meatballs



A couple of years ago, Andrew and I tried to bike from Massachusetts back to Maryland. We had a grand plan of hitting the open road and leisurely making our way down the east coast while enjoying the sites and sounds of backroads America. Well, it didn’t quite turn out as planned. After a hilly trek through Connecticut, we ended up biking through downpours and ultimately decided to end our trip in New York. On our way back down to Maryland (in a car), we stopped in New Jersey where Melissa’s parents graciously fed us dinner. 

The Darster (Melissa’s mom) made us pasta with meatballs. Andrew LOVED them. He loved them so much that he requested them for dinner just a few days later. And apparently back then it was notable, because I blogged about it. At the time, I tried to replicate them from memory. This didn’t go so well as I wasn’t actually paying attention to how The Darster made them when we were at her house. There was a lot of guessing, but I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants.

Cut to my wedding shower earlier this year. My friends decided to have everyone bring a recipe or two and they created a cookbook for me. It’s a super cool gift. In one afternoon I was bestowed with dozens of recipes that I had been coveting for years. And one of those recipes was for the meatballs! 

Tonight I made them again. Although, not exactly to spec because I didn’t remember to buy all of the ingredients. They were still delicious, but not as good as when The Darster makes them. Andrew and I both stuffed ourselves silly though. 

The recipe I got is titled “Stella’s Meatballs”, but they’ll always be The Darster’s to me. I’m transcribing it exactly though since the original is best.

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