What A Good Day (46/365)

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Eldridge Horror



Today was such a good day. Just what I needed. The day started with some derby. I tried a bunch of new skates and worked on my crossovers so I can skate a bit faster. 

Then, this afternoon, Andrew and I went to Rockville Town Center and saw Frozen. I really liked it, although I really like Disney movies in general, so it wasn’t going to take a lot to impress me. Afterwards we walked around for a bit, bought a new lamp for our living room and I finally got to try Buffalo Wild Wings. 

After dinner, we watched a bunch of Olympics and Andrew opened the game I got him for Valentine’s Day. I was going to play it with him, but given that there are approximately 14 sets of cards, 8 kinds of token, and I sort of lost track of the actual point of the game two turns in, I kind of gave up to write this blog post instead. And the best part, is it’s only Saturday!

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