Sunday Night Dinner – Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (47/365)

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Our Sunday night dinners with Jen and Evan resumed today after we took off a week so you know, Jen and Evan could get married. I actually went over early in the day and I hung out with Jen for a while and she got me addicted to another game. Andrew and Evan were out all day so while we waited for the boys to come home, Jen and I watched a lot of HGTV while snacking on some edamame and a cocktail. Evan and Jen have an impressive amount of liquor left over from their wedding which Jen was trying to push off on me all afternoon. I also forgot that Jen LOVES edamame, so you basically have to speed eat if you want any when you’re sharing with her. If anyone has ever eaten with me, you will know that speed eating is not my forte.

Grill Cheese and Tomato Soup

Once the boys got home, we started making dinner. And by we, I mean Jen with some assists from Evan and Andrew while I did absolutely nothing. I’m such a good guest. She made us tomato soup and grilled cheese which sounds simple, but was actually rather involved. It was quite the effort, but well worth it, since dinner was delicious. Also, for the first time ever in my life, I tried tomato soup.

This was a very good weekend. Too bad it’s not a three day weekend for me. Ah well…


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