Millet Banana Bread (75/365)

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Millet Banana Bread 75/365

After recovering from my post-Shpiel stupor, which included some derby, some lunch, and then napping and sitting around for a good three hours, I finally decided to get off my butt and bake a banana bread. Andrew really likes this banana bread, I think because it’s all crackly. The crackly bits are millet, which I have literally never seen any other use for besides this banana bread recipe. But they are delightfully crackly. I am just going to keep writing the word “crackly” now. Crackly, crackly, crackly.

This banana bread it a little heartier than my usual recipe because it uses whole wheat flour and maple syrup instead of sugar. Also, coconut oil instead of butter. It’s a bunch of odd ingredients that come together to make a banana bread that seems like it’s equally suited for breakfast or dessert. 

Millet Banana Bread

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