Purim Shpiel (74/365)

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Tonight was the Purim Shpiel. After months of hard work, it all came down to one single performance. And it was a good one. This year’s shpiel was a bit different than usual, and I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But our community is nothing, of not resourceful. We came together like champs to put on a great production

As I do every year, I work the technical and backstage side of things. This involves an lot of email and music editing (which I fake, albeit mostly successfully) and then the day of the show, I’m backstage and responsible for getting things set up. Mollie helped me this year and she’s basically a pro when it comes to the microphones and all that jazz. During the scenes we mostly just chill, so there’s ample time to take ridiculous pictures especially when there are giant handlebar mustaches involved (woo Audrey!).

The show went great! We put our blood (or my blood, as I randomly got a bloody nose during scene 2), sweat, and thankfully, no tears into the show. I love doing the Purim Shpiel every year, because of the community bonding we have. There’s so much love and joy, that it’s hard not to be just tickled after an evening like this.


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