Travel Themed Wedding Cake (136/365)

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Travel Themed Wedding Cake136/365


After all that build up over the last three days, this is the result! 

Way back in January, Vinny and Kristi asked me if I would make their wedding cake. After going back and forth with ideas, we settled on this travel themed wedding cake because, duh, they love to travel and they’re having a travel themed wedding. Kristi sent me pictures of stamps to print out and use on the cake. There are stamps from India, New York, France, Iceland, Georgia, Italy…all places that are meaningful to them.

Travel Wedding Cake

The stamps are printed on edible paper with edible ink. I cut each of them out and glued them to the cake with a little bit of water. I think I cut out just under 140 separate stamps. Each cake was accented with fuchsia flowers cut out of fondant.

Travel Wedding Cake

 Vinny and Kristi are having their wedding at this great old house with all of these beautiful outdoor spaces. Their reception is going to be held in a tent at the bottom of a hill so Kristi was a little concerned about carrying a cake down a grassy knoll, which is a legitimate concern. Also, those cakes are H-E-A-V-Y. So the solution we came up with was to have a number of separate cakes. Kristi found these cool cake stands which allowed you to vary the cakes in diameter and display them at different heights. I thought it looked really nice. In order to have enough cake for all the guests though, they actually needed two stands and six cakes.

Travel Wedding Cake

It was a lot of cake. Three cakes are red velvet and three cakes are coconut. The one downside to something like this, is that the cake stands limit the diameter of the cake which means you end up having to make two or three cakes to get the same number of servings as one larger cake.

I delivered the cake this afternoon. Transporting the cake is always the most nerve wracking part of this whole process for me. I tucked all six cakes in the trunk of my car and drove them up to the venue. Luckily there weren’t too many bumps or traffic jams and I safely got the cakes to the house for storage until tomorrow. 

Second wedding cake of the year done!

Congratulations to Kristi and Vinny!


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