Triumphant Return (137/365)

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Anniversary Dinner



I don’t have much time to write and I’m also doing it on my phone, so here’s a brief recap so far:

This morning at the airport as we waited to board the plane, we got to see an arrival of an Honor Flight. It was more awesome than I would have expected.

We retraced our painful bike route from a few years ago and ended up back in Riverton, CT.

While in Riverton, we went to a glass studio and I got to shape and pull glass into my own custom paperweight.

Hit up lunch in Northampton.

Visited the Eric Carle Museum and reminisced about our wedding almost a year ago. Also, the lady working there totally recognized us.

Checked into our B&B which is utterly charming. More details later.

Had an amazing, delicious, and leisurely meal at Blue Heron, which is the restaurant that catered our wedding.

It’s been a good first day of our trip. More details and pictures tomorrow!


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