Let the Countdown Begin! (171/365)

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Melissa's Wedding!


Melissa is getting married tomorrow! (Here’s a cake sneak-peak. There are four more to reveal!)

After successfully finishing the cakes by my imposed Friday morning deadline, today was a relatively stress-free day. Not to say I’m not pooped, but I also didn’t have to stay up to the wee hours of the morning slapping flowers on cakes and praying that I would actually finish.

Meri and Bo


Meri and their cat, Bo were my co-conspirators on this project. Meri baked the cakes while Bo sat faithfully by my side over the many many hours of decorating. I choose to think he was keeping me company and not just enjoying the warm spot by the window.

We got up this morning and headed to the nail salon. There was a quite a crew of us and we all got to enjoy ourselves while getting manicures and pedicures. I actually really like getting pedicures but find that I only do it for special occasions. Lauren is giving the famous Medoway thumbs up while probably trying to laugh because they are tickling her feet.


After eating lunch we packed up the cars and got ready to head up to Grounds for Sculpture. Melissa and I drove the cakes up in my car and dropped them off before heading to the hotel. Cake transportation is the scariest part of cake making for me, but we successfully navigated multiple Medoways, stairs, a driveway full of cars, a 45 minute car ride, one detour after missing the exit, until final delivery. Now that’s done, I’m free to enjoy the weekend!



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