Recovery Day (194/365)

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Greek Pasta Salad


After all the excitement of yesterday, it was nice to have an entire day to myself to just get stuff done. Our house was a bit of a disaster after the baking extravaganza and life in general. Also sleep. I needed it.

We slept in this morning before heading over to the climbing gym. We haven’t been climbing too much lately so it was nice to get back in the gym. It also wasn’t super crowded which meant we basically got to climb what we wanted. Both of us are clearly out of climbing practice and were a little pooped from our previous day’s activities (Andrew’s hockey team won 12-3 and he had a hat trick!). But we each got about four good climbs in before heading home.

Corn Salad

I made us a lunch of leftovers including this corn salad (I’m not sure it can be called a salad because it was made up of corn, lime juice, salt, cayenne pepper, and parsley), tomatoes and parmesan, leftover grilled chicken, and potato salad. After eating and relaxing and digesting, I braved the heat to get a run in before we headed to Jen and Evan’s for dinner.

That’s right, we managed to squeeze and Sunday Night Dinner in between all of the events happening this summer. They’ve been too nearly as many weddings as we have this summer and between work and travel, it’s been hard to get together. They just moved to a new house (they’re homeowners now!), so this was our first opportunity to see it. It’s an awesome house with lots of space and I really like it. They have a comically retro oven (it’s the original oven from like 1970, so I think that can be categorized as retro) and some interesting angles in their house, but it’s great. I’m a fan. Also, they already have a guest room set up that we’ve claimed for next New Year’s Eve.

Rob also came over and we ate this Greek Pasta Salad. They basically made a vat of it, so everyone was able to have seconds and thirds. I’m glad we were able to meet up because it’s been forever since we hung out. It went too fast though and we had to head home to get ready for the week. I could realize use a third weekend day. Mondays come too quickly.

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