I’m A Real Winner (211/365)

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Over a year after our actual wedding, I finally decided to something with all those pictures. We made a proper wedding album shortly after our actual wedding, but we still had another 700 pictures just sitting on a thumb drive. Our photographer, Amanda from Orchard Cove Photography did such a sensational job that it really seemed a shame to have them just sitting on a hard drive. 

So a couple of weeks ago I sat down and made a photobook to complement our wedding album. It was super easy and I thought it came out great. I left blank pages so I was able to paste in our save-the-date, wedding invitation, place cards, menu, and other memorabilia. It all looked good, except one thing. Can you find what that one thing is in the picture above?

Yeah…we didn’t get married in 2014. We got married in 2013. It took me a really long time to notice it.

Luckily Shutterfly has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Originally we also just got a regular photobook which meant some of the pictures got a little cut off in the binding. Also, some of the placement was weird and cropped things a little oddly. A quick email to Shutterfly and I was given the opportunity to change what I didn’t like (and fix the date) free of charge. We also got to switch to lay-flat pages which made it all look that much better. After triple-checking everything we sent in another order.

The new book arrived the other day and I’m super pleased with the results. I’m glad the pictures aren’t just sitting on a computer somewhere.


In super, completely unrelated news, the DC All-Stars (my derby league’s travel team) is headed to Ontario in a couple of weeks to compete in the Division 2 playoffs. They made this little quiz so you can see which All-Star you are. Who are you? (Andrew and I are both Oz!)

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