Free Ice Cream! (212/365)

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Ice Cream Trucks at Work


I’m not entirely sure why, but today at work they gave out free ice cream! We had to walk clear across campus to get ours, but since it was a beautiful day out, it really wasn’t too much of a hardship. When we showed up, there was a straight up ice cream truck parked in front of the Space building. You simply had to walk up to them and request what flavor, cup or cone, and if you wanted jimmies, sprinkles, or nothing. Let’s get down to it. It was great.

Free Ice Cream

As we were walking back across campus an hour or so later, we saw a huge line forming in front of one of the buildings. Apparently the free ice cream wasn’t just for our department today. The line was probably 25 times longer than it was for us, and it looks they called in some reinforcements. Don’t get between engineers and free food. When there’s a will there’s a way and engineers will figure that way out. 

Hains Point
After work, since it was such a nice day, I debated between going for a run at home or heading down to Hains Point for an optional derby practice. I decided to brave the traffic and head into the city. After some aggressive merging and dodging of tourists, I made it about 10 minutes late. I brought the grand total up to four. Eventually a fifth joined our group and we made a proper pack. We skated around and did some off-skates exercises for a couple of hours before it got too dark to see. It was quite a lovely evening to be outside and a good opportunity to work off some of that ice cream from earlier in the day. I do have to say, I’m excited tomorrow is Friday though.

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