Dawn til Dusk (225/365)

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Dawn til Dusk


This morning Alex, Courtney, Andrew, and I all got up at 4:45 so we could hike up Eagle Rock to watch the sunrise. We miraculously managed to get out the door mostly on time and after a slight detour we found Eagle Rock. Kind of.

We parked our car and flashlights in hand (btw, phone lights are generally better than flashlights), we started hiking up the trail. Or at least the trail we had all hiked up before. We got to a fork in path though and the regular trail was closed.. There was a sign that had us veer to the right. Well, we veered a little too far to the right because we ended up walking around the entirely of Eagle Rock and coming back to the street where we found yet another trail up. This time it actually got us to the top of Eagle Rock, and after basically jogging up the path we made it with time to spare. 

Dawn til Dusk

It was totally worth it.

Sunrise over Lake Tahoe

Dawn til Dusk

Dawn til Dusk

We stayed up until the sun rose and came back down rather quickly. It’s much easier to tell where you are going in the daylight. The best part was when we got back to our car, look what we parked right in front of.

The Trail Map

Yes, the trail map. We are geniuses.

We returned to the cabin and snuck back in to get a few more hours of sleep. More of Andrew’s cousins arrived to make it a real party. I baked a mountain of cookies because, why not?


After an excellent salmon dinner a bunch of us headed down to the dock to look for meteors. We’re at the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower, and given enough patience you can see some really great meteors. I saw one that was so bright as it streaked across the sky that it looked like an animation. It was awesome.

I also got my first try at star photography. It’s nothing incredible, but still fun to try. Now it’s time for bed and another big day tomorrow.

Dawn til Dusk

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