By Land or By Sea (or Lake) (226/365)

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Apparently all this fresh air and beautiful scenery had really wiped us out, because we slept in today. After getting up and eating a nutritious pie breakfast, I headed out for my long run of the week.

Running Path

Somehow I ended up on a hiking trail and I have to say, there are worse places to do a long run. It took me forever because running at altitude on a rocky path is not the easiest, plus I had to stop to take a million pictures.

After getting back and eating some lunch, we headed into town to get supplies for dinner. Andrew and I were on dinner duty tonight so we made our favorite meal of grilled chicken,  caprese salad, and herb potato salad.

After prepping dinner but before the final push, a bunch of us took the boat out to try our hands at waterskiing. We all successfully got up, including Britany, who got up on her her first try ever. It was awesome.


226/365 Photo courtesy of April


Apparently waterskiing wiped a few of us out. The cold water and the colder air kept us awake on the lake, but once we were in the toasty warm cabin, it was too easy to take a quick cat nap.

Sleeping Dave

Tomorrow our Tahoe leg of the trip is over and we’re headed up to Seattle for a wedding. Somehow I’m not sure I’m rested enough to take on this weekend, but it should be fun.


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